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Ascential Wealth Advisors is an independent practice located in the Technology Village in downtown Duluth, Minnesota. The roots of our business go back over 45 years. Prior to starting Ascential Wealth, our team was Lake Superior Wealth Management Group at Piper Jaffray, which was acquired by UBS Financial Services in 2006. In 2011, we started an independent practice with Raymond James Financial Services as our broker/dealer. Securities are offered through Raymond James Financial Services, member FINRA/SIPC.

We serve business owners, organizations and affluent families with roots in the Midwest. While they reside in many states today, most of our clients have some connection to the Duluth-Superior area. We manage over $416 million in assets (as of December 2019).

Our advisors offer a broad range of comprehensive wealth planning services, including investment management, financial planning, individual and small business retirement plans, estate planning, insurance and risk management, and tax planning.

Kristin Rogenrud, owner of Ascential Wealth Advisors, explains why their company chose to become the title sponsor of Bridging the Gap.

“As a female entrepreneur and runner, this race and the cause it supports spoke directly to me, and I really wanted to be a part of it. The challenges women face have worsened during the pandemic, erasing a lot of progress. The gap has widened again. We can change this by highlighting the issue and coming together to support women in achieving their goals. If we help more women bridge the gap, our entire community will benefit. Our practice serves women of all ages, helping them to achieve financial success and peace of mind. Our team at Ascential Wealth Advisors is thrilled to partner with Duluth Running Company for this event. And, we are excited to see how this event can help further this cause and give women more opportunities to bridge the gap!”

-Kristin Rognerud, Financial Advisor, Branch Manager, Owner⠀⠀⠀

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Everything we do in-store, through our training groups, our events, our classes, and our retreats is aimed at inspiring our active community. We believe running is about so much more than, well, running. Running changes us from the inside out. It brings us mental clarity. It brings us happiness. It unites.

Within the running world, women have not had the same opportunities as men. Now, women make up the majority of runners, which is evident in our customer base. We’re a women-owned business, and we recognize that women face a different reality when running, whether it’s safety, accessibility, societal expectations, or a multitude of other factors. Our goal is to empower and embolden women within our sport and beyond.

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Essentia Health is an integrated health system serving patients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota.

Headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota, Essentia Health combines the strengths and talents of 13,800 employees, including more than 2,100 physicians and advanced practitioners, who serve our patients and communities through the mission of being called to make a healthy difference in people’s lives.

Essentia Health, which includes many Catholic facilities, is guided by the values of Quality, Hospitality, Respect, Joy, Justice, Stewardship, and Teamwork. The organization lives out its mission by having a patient-centered focus at 14 hospitals, 71 clinics, six long-term care facilities, three assisted living facilities, three independent living facilities, five ambulance services and one research institute.

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Located in the beautiful city of Duluth, Minnesota, Payroll Processing Plus has been locally owned and operated for over 25 years. For every payroll, you will work one on one with your own local, personally designated payroll specialist. This allows you to develop a relationship that you can rely on, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Why Payroll Processing Plus?

For a small company, the job of payroll management can be a daunting one. FICA, state and federal income tax, unemployment tax, vacation accrual, W-2 preparation – it can all add up to an intimidating, frustrating job. For a larger company, security can be a more compelling factor.

For companies of all sizes, Payroll Processing Plus provides the expert, low-cost solution to your payroll processing needs.

Kelly Erickson, owner of Payroll Processing Plus, explains chose to support the Bridging the Gap Fund:

“Supporting this race is extremely important to me because I’m a female small business owner and an avid runner.  As a mother of five boys and having a husband that stays at home to take care of our children, it’s important to me to not allow our gender to define our roles in life.  I strongly believe in bridging the gap towards equal pay for all women.”

-Kelly Erickson, Owner Payroll Processing Plus

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We help businesses bring the best food and beverage options to their customers, employees, students, patients, and staff. We’re built on a foundation of service, community, family, and excellence.

Even our founders would tell you it was never just about a bottle of Pepsi. It’s about so much more than a beverage.

Bernick’s provides the fuel, the comfort, the daily securities, and the human connection in every single story of life being lived in big celebrations as well as the daily rituals we live for.

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Insight Counseling is a mental health private practice providing holistic healing and effective therapeutic treatments for people in Duluth, Virginia, and surrounding areas. Putting the client’s well-being first, Insight’s therapists are trained in current modalities of integrative psychotherapy, always evaluating and consulting to ensure the most successful client outcomes. They are evidence-based, professional practitioners who hold integrity of care to the highest standards.

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In Motion Therapy has provided the Duluth community with the highest level of one-on-one physical therapy for the past 14 years. As the Founder and CEO, Dr. Annita Winkels has built a culture of dedicated therapists who consistently treat patients with a whole-body approach. In Motion therapists use progressive manual therapy with guided exercise for natural healing. Dr Winkels guarantees “our patients will be heard, cared for, and empowered at each treatment session so the patient can live life fully.”

In Motion physical therapists treat a wide variety of conditions including orthopedic, pelvic health, pre- and post-natal, and lymphedema.  Dr. Winkels is both an entrepreneur and clinician and that is why this event speaks to her heart.  Supporting Bridging the Gap is about supporting female entrepreneurs with the mindset to follow your calling to live your best life.  As an entrepreneur Dr. Winkels appreciates the services, resources, and staff the Entrepreneur Fund and Women’s Business Alliance and staff have to support and guide you through the process of personal and professional growth in leadership and  entrepreneurship.   Supporting this event is about creating awareness of the tools that we have available to meet our goals professionally.  As a clinician, supporting this event is highlighting the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle that is not about size or looks but about feeling and moving freely in your bodies.   Supporting this event is also about valuing the significance of what running can do for mental, emotional and physical health.  When this combination comes together we are able to live life fully.  This is the vision that In Motion Therapy has for our community and bridging the gap is a great event where we can all come together to lift each other up both personally and professionally.

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Built to alleviate pain and stress on bones and joints, LightSpeed Lift Body Weight Support (BWS) anti-gravity systems relieve impact force and enhance natural movement and balance. Unlike other body weight support devices, LightSpeed Lift’s patented lift from the hip technology tailors to both athletes and physical therapy patients’ wants and needs at a reasonable price.

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At Svälja Yoga (pronounced “svehl-yah”) all of our offerings are trauma-conscious. Through our Whole-Being Well-Being approach, we support people on their own unique healing journey. We share the wisdom and practice of yoga in a way that is accessible, inclusive, and honors choice. Yoga means to unite. Yoga is a pathway to well-being and to the realization of our innate wholeness. We guide participants to connect with their internal resources and potential for healing, transformation, and growth. Through this exploratory journey we rediscover home, deep within: our true selves. We offer classesworkshops, retreats, and a 250-hour Yoga Teacher Training program.

“I bridge the gap because women are irrevocably whole and worthy!”- Kyle Leia Heyesen, Svälja Yoga Owner

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Sauna du Nord is Duluth’s Mobile Sauna!

Sauna du Nord offers a quintessential northern experience through the experience of a traditional wood-fired, portable sauna. Available for private rentals, community sauna, and special events, we aim to bring the benefits of a wood-fired sauna to the Twin Ports community. Sauna du Nord is truly portable and can be brought anywhere a 7 x 14 trailer can be safely parked. 

Sauna du Nord is sponsoring the Bridge the Gap race first because we are a women-owned and founded business that came to life through the help of The Entrepreneur Fund and the support of other women entrepreneurs. We believe strongly in the purpose of this event and the importance of collaborating and supporting women in all of their life’s endeavors. Secondly, Sauna du Nord believes in an active lifestyle and embracing all of the opportunities in the outdoors that the Duluth area has to offer. 



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Craft your very own wellness retreat with Voyageur Custom Saunas. Choose backyard or in-home installation, or mobile designs. Traditional wood-fire heat, state of the art electronic stoves, and modern infrared technology all available.

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